Wednesday, April 1, 2015


THIS IS MY 100th POST DEDICATING TO GRANDBUX . IT IS A GOOD SITE TO EARN MONEY FAST.. THIS SITE PAYING INSTANTLY.................................................................

  • Grand Bux of is a pay-to-click website that claims to help you make money online. As a pay-to-click website, it offers its members an opportunity to make money online by viewing ads and providing their feedback. They partner with companies who would want the feedback to improve their marketing.
  • Making money through pay-to-click websites is no longer new. In fact, thousands of people are already earning money from this kind of opportunity. However, not all pay-to-click websites offer the same amount of payout though many of these companies don’t pay.
  • Grand Bux claims that aside from viewing their posted ads, you can earn money by referring more people to their site. This seems to be their strategy to attract more people to the site and hence, increase the audience for the ads they have. The company didn’t specify though how much you can earn from them.

  • Guaranteed daily ads
  • Referral upgrade tracking
  • Up to 10$ Grid prizes
  • Unlimited earnings
  • No min. at first payout
  • Lightning fast payments
  • Contest prizes and more..

How can I earn $60-$80 a day like others?

1. Turn $1000 into $1500 in single day. 

2. Upgrade to 1 year Superior+ membership 

3. Receive Superior+ pack instantly ( 100 DR+ 10 M Banners + 10.000 Extra Points) 

4. Win Daily Point Contest and receive one of these rewards ( 300 RR with High AVG , 100 DR, $250 Bonus) 
5. Receive 1.000 Rental Referrals ( Advanced Filtered) Only 25 RR each 3 days for 1 year. 
6. Click all of your ads shortly after server reset time (00:01AM -03:00 AM) 
7. Use remaining $700 in order to purchase 300 RR pack each 3 days 
8. Extend all of them for 240 days with discounted price 
9. Recycle referrals after 5 days of inactivitiy 
10. Finally after only 2-3 months, you will be able to recover all of your investment and start making profit for the rest of membership (9 months of pure profit) 
11. Read Superior+ members
That is how we have such a great reputation and thats how most of our members make over %500 ROI within 6 months of their investment.



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