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  • If you fed up by writing text and you also want to send important message then you need to send Voice SMS. Voice SMS is the best way to send messages and here this article is just about to Send Free Voice SMS Online.
  • Now you can send online voice sms through different websites. If you do search then you will find the huge collection of Voice sms Websites but you have to pay for them but we all very well know Money is Honey so we don’t want to pay single penny for sending voice sms. So, to solve your this little problem with Free websites to send voice sms online and here in this post have listed Top 5 Websites To Send Free Voice SMS Online.
List Of Websites To Send Free Voice SMS Online

Site2SMS is the best online sending voice sms that’s why it got 1st rank in the list of top 5 sites to send free voice sms. This site offers many advantages like it delivers 98% of messages just in 15 Seconds and it is very less time. You can also send free Text messaging and Live voice calling.

MSZ2VOICE is another best free and easy to use website to send free online voice SMS. This is also best site in india and this site is specially for peoples of India from villages. As we all know literacy rat of Asia specially villages is very low so those people can't read and write properly specially older so this one is best for them because we can easily hear and speak and understand so it is greatest way to send free voice sms to their dear ones.

3. MocoLife
MocoLife is just awesome and amazing free site to send free online voice SMS. If you want to send voice sms then you need to register at MocoLife. This website offers large collection of greetings like birthday, Anniversary,  Thank  You,  Love  Messages  and  many  more  and  most  important  you can  also  schedule greetings.

4. SMSjunction
SMSjunction is best website to send free online voice SMS. It also provides same features like above website but it is much easy to use and it is its main advantage. You just signup to this site then can immediately send voice SMS.
just dial SMSjunction's Voice Message System 877­550­SMSjunction and send it to your desired person.

5. NetSize

NetSize is another best site to send free online voice SMS and the tag line of this site is "Your text Delivered as speech". So it is an easy way to send information on any mobile. 

Above list of Top 5 Websites To Send Free Voice SMS Online is the best collection of voice sms sites if you also experience except above then mention in comments box to enhance this list .

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