Saturday, March 21, 2015


Hey friends, i was searching for trick to increase likes and followers for my Facebook page and twitter profile.And found many tricks to do that.But many of them are scam and they didn't work But there are also many techniques to get more followers to your social page such as Facebook likes,twitter followers,Google circles , YouTube videos etc.One of best method is to use addmefast.

Addmefast is the an amazing site to grow your social presence by using this site we can get more followers , likes,views & subscribers.In this post we will explain how to increase your twitter followers & Facebook Likes by using this site .You can also get random visits to your website.

Follow the following steps to Increase Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers:-

  1. First of all you need to create addmefast account
  2. Go to this Site addmefast Click here.
  3. Click Try It for free.
  4. Now Fill the Registration form And click Sign up.
  5. Check Your Email and Verify Email address.
  6. You account will be Credit with 50 Point.
  7. How to increase Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers using AMF
  8. Now click on add new website/page to create new campaign.
  9. Create New Campaign
  10. Choose type what you want to do.(fb like,retweet,share etc).
  11. Now fill the form according to type.
  12. You can Add more parameter like Max daily click,max click.
  13. You have to set CPC(cost per click) for your campaign.
  14. Now click save change to start your campaign.
  15. Now wait for some time.
      Now Need more point to add more likes and followers.You can add more points by liking pages,Follow,Retweet post of others AMF Users Under Free Points.I will Update more Amazing Method to make more AMF Points or any other working Trick to Increase More Likes and followers.

      Over To You

      Its a very Wonderful method to increase your social appearance . Must try And Tell me your method if you do something else to increase your social presence.

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