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Here is tips to How To Change/Hide IP Address 2015 – About two out of three person in world is using internet in daily life. In this world wide web there are many organizations are made to look after this world’s huge network. Because in this network illegal activities can also happen which may include hacking and terrorism etc. So there are some spy organizations which are made to track the users which are using internet in their devices. The main tracking of the users are through their ip address . Now let’s discuss what is ip address .

What Is IP Address ?

IP is Internet Protocol Address .This a an address which is assigned to every device connected to internet over the world. Ip address of all the user are unique but this ip address is not static that is it get changes whenever any device get disconnected from an internet server. Everytime a uniue Ip address get assigned to a device whenever it gets connected to internet server. By Ip address we can trace the user by tracing its location, Internet Service Provider(ISP) and some of users details.

Top 4 reasons why people hide their IP address:

  1. To hide their geographical location.
  2. Prevent Web tracking.
  3. Avoid leaving a digital footprint.
  4. Bypass blocked sites on their IP address.
How To Hide IP Address 2015
How To Hide IP Address 2015

Methods To Hide IP Address 2015 Of A Device :-

#1 Method – Using Web Proxies 2015

There are still some things which you should know before starts hiding your Ip address. Actually every private browsing mainly works between the internet user and the destination website. This middle men is actually a proxy server which changes the IP address of the system and gives any random Ip address to the destination website . For exp. If we are browsing from location USA and we are using some proxy servers of Netherland then the Ip Address which will be sent to any website will be of Netherland.
Now some popular Web Proxies are here listed which will help you in hiding your Ip address.
There are some web proxy sites like ProxifyAnonymouse or Hide My Ass. By using these sites you can easily have a secure access over internet .These proxy site gives alternative IP address of the site which you want to browse anonymously on Internet. But there are some drawbacks of these proxies as the browsing speed can be slow and sometime some media content are not accessible and also sometime some sites won’t get open on these proxies. and are some sites which update proxy list (alternative IP’s) of all popular websites by time to time.

#2 Method – Using someone else’s network

You can use free Wi-Fi services offered by a coffee shop, hotel, or any public location near you. An IP address does not travel with your computer, but they are rather assigned by the router located in the area you are in. To find your public IP address, try Find My IP. By using someone’s else network your identitly will be hidden.

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